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This is the professional Kozmobot website. It is a website for you! You came to this website because you want to see the Kozmobot resources.

Also, Kozmo the Robot wants to guide you through Kozmobot. She thinks like a real human being. Click this button to see what does this website offer! It will be very interesting.

Edit: As of February 21, this website has started to develop an update to the old Tic Tuc Runner! Stay tuned, ’cause in March 2021, new update will be released!

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Yay! I am so excited!

Welcome to Outer Space!

The creative space never ends! It’s getting bigger and bigger as time passes by. Do not get lost in space… and time!

Stay tuned, ’cause this website will inspire other people from Earth!

In the next section, choose your interest. If you are interested in game development or game design, this website is made for you!

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What is Kozmobot?

The Kozmobot website is a database of game design assets, background music videos, and advertisements. You can try various game demos, watch videos and enjoy creative content. If you are interested, you can purchase the best illustrations. Unfortunately, they are not yet available to buy, just make sure to visit this website again when it turns into an e-commerce platform.

Game Design

I create amazing game artwork, but I prefer the flat design because it is easier to make.



This website has good illustrations for your games, but also for your design projects.

YouTube Videos

I make the most useful videos and this website is building its audience. Click this link to watch YouTube videos from Kozmobot.

Why is it called Kozmobot?

I call this website Kozmobot because I was inspired by robots and space from an early age. This looks weird, because people will always think about robotics. I never explored the Solar System, but it is one of the dreams for my entire life.

Some people still believe robots will replace humans. I can’t imagine that kind of world…

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There are more things!

There are more fields of your interest: Illustrations, game graphics, and characters are only examples.
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