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Game Development, Concept Art, Design and more!

Kozmobot is a game development website that has an opportunity to create great content. It consists of design, programming and other content.

Check out the amazing website!

History of Games

Kozmobot is a website where you can find everything related to games. From board games to electronic, mobile games.

It has a big history. There are board games, which is a very successful project on Behance. It has been seen 75 times and liked 6 times.

When it comes time to making games, using your programming skills will make it better. People use some budget equipment, like laptops and smartphones. People know how to make a photo but they don’t think about the exact details.

board mensch argere dich nicht
Man, don’t get angry! This is a famous piece of board games.

There is no big deal between a good and a bad design. It has a lot to do!

Design is a very big field. The design process is a complicated story where people start getting things right. Firstly, design was used to display something. Also, illustrations are part of my creative journey. They are visual elements of my website!

Dark Robot makes your day better. Enjoy!


This is a great year for posting. Kozmobot is a website that offers photography services and other things related to design. The instagram account, Kozmobot Channel, is a good place for photography, aesthetic videos, graphic design and more.

YouTube videos

New Youtube videos are coming every Tuesday. It is the day I have enough time to work on video creation.

Games are not part of that channel because people come to Kozmobot in order to watch content for graphic design.

Behance and Pinterest

This account offers good content but only posts once a week.

As this page is not made for only posting graphic design content, there will also be portfolios, websites and other design fundamentals.

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