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The Unity of Games and graphic design. Increase your creative skills. Kozmobot will offer a lot of tips and tricks for being the best graphic design. The Unity of games!

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Our Services

Our goal is to make our site bigger and better! The Unity of Games will offer all these services:

turn ideas into reality

Easily do programming tasks without any issues. Very useful for software and web development!


Learn Android Studio and Kotlin development. Use this software kit in order to make a successful mobile app to promote your business!


Who doesn't like games? Make your first game to inspire everyone!


It is said that the more you create, your drawing and creativity skills will grow. Just skim through and make your first plan!

Graphic Design

Create the best Illustrations and digital art.

Start learning because it is cool!

Design like a pro

Make sure that your workspace is clean and your drawings and illustrations are made professional. This skill will make you successful after a couple of years!


Very useful for software and web development!
This is the logo. This robot is your app development assistant.

Easy to learn

Programming tasks are like writing on a whiteboard. Just prepare your whiteboard markers and draw your program algorithm. If it works, your job will blow up! These tasks will help you understand the basics of C#, PHP, Python and more. First of all, it is a mind-boggling challenge!

It is rumoured for this programming and coding to increase your skills


Make your first game and inspire everyone! Be the person who wants to visit the unity of games!

Playable on any device

Start making games and play them on your smartphone, tablet and PC. Instead of Android, you can use Windows-powered PC to run these games that are exported.

These games will soon come to iOS. It is a concept, to see what kinds of devices will it support.

Android Development

Make your first mobile app!

Make mobile apps

The programming skills in Kotlin enable you to create mobile apps for Android. Some simple code will help you understand everything that is required to make an mobile app! 

Truly, this is the most advanced way to learn development and make your dreams come true.

Programming package for everyone!

Have fun with Kozmobot

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