Free Background Music – Beatbass Techno

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Come on everybody, let’s play the music! This background music video is free to use and you can share it anywhere. Ask me if you want a music video. This song has a goal to become famous and remember: Beatbass Techno!

This was a song I was making in 2016. The problem was because this beatbass techno couldn’t be the best bass song. I was annoying my family members by repeatedly singing: I play Beatbass Orchestral… and they thought it is a stupid song, but this version isn’t. 

This catchy song is free to use and you can put it in your video clips. 

You can also use this for games and tutorials and any other commercial or non commercial use. This song has the biggest bass and it will be considered one of the best dope technos of 2020. The reason why am I reuploading it is because I made a better version and accidentaly removed previous one. 

This techno beat is a free background sample that is made in FL Studio 12. In the new version, FL Studio 20, I added some new techno song sound effects to make it VFX effective.

With my help from BeatBassR, this song has some fully optimized basses. Let’s listen to the song and see what does it feel like!

This free background song can be used for your videos. If you want to use it, send me a question in the contact page.

Are you ready? Start sharing it to accomplish my goal! This catchy song requires about 1000 people on-line 😀

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