Android Rush – Game Development

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The Android Rush game is coming soon! A game development project will be released soon, so it will be our first 3D game with real objects.


One of the most essential fields of this game. Design is very important, especially if you want the 80's remix!


The game is based on the incredible stacking game - Super Stacker. Android Rush is the sequel to the good old game development forum.

Android Rush, also N’droid rush is a retro styled game with old design. Enjoy the classic music from the old game development hub!

The Android Robots are in this game. They want to destroy your blocks and do it like the first-person shooter.

The first game to be released in 3D. Enjoy the new updates, because the best is yet to come! Just start playing the new games from Kozmobot and you’ll get awarded!

The Game Development Progress

The game is evolving. Introduction of Kozmo Game Engine in 2022 will make game development much easier. Because it’s time to use existing engines in 2020, like Unity, we have a tough experience and the game will be finished in Summer 2020.

According to Nick Developer, he said that the original game will come much before summer. It depends on the saucers, blocks, enemies and other extras.

Game Structure

The flying saucers want to kill the blocks. They appear after you get 50 points.

This 3D game features a Kozmobot’s brand new song, Smoking Monument. It is delivered from the Norwegian electronic music duo, Röyksopp. It is not the same song, because it is faster (140BPM), which makes it different.

Also, there are 5 modes:

– Cube Buster

– Spherodroids

– Destructor (Easy and Hard)

– Kaleidotrons

– Pyramids of Androgypt

Release Date

The game will be released for Android and iOS devices in March 2020.

Stay tuned!

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