80s style game

This will be a different post, because it has 8-bit graphics. Therefore, the entire game is made like that!

Retro Game

Learn how to make a retro game with good 80s style! This means you can practice your skills by pixel art and making your game have a retro 80s gameplay.

Come on everybody, this game is going to inspire others. The Android Rush with 3D retro graphics, at first, turns into a great and exciting gameplay!



Hear and see the best effects that will make your game interesting.

People who grew up in 2000’s won’t remember too much. They think only a few games should have pixel art and more geometry.

At first, people want to see something from their older days, when they were kids and playing Snake games.

Kozmobot wants to give the best game potential, just with modern graphics!



New games are coming with modern graphics, but this pixel art is just a throwback. A game which style is associated with 80s will be the next update. Furthermore, 3D Endless runner is the biggest thing Kozmobot is looking for.