New Videos – soon!

Kozmobot channel for promo product videos. New channel for promo product videos is coming soon! There are a lot of plans to create good promo videos.

It has been over four months since this channel was uploading various content. This was the longest hiatus of Kozmobot, because there were no channel videos in that time. First, I will start making something very simple. It is going to be a channel for promo products.

This background is part of our game Tic Tuc. It is used for a promo video.


Promo Products

The promo products are different. They need a lot of improvement and maintenance. This website’s plan is to make a channel that will only consist of promo products. All game design and illustrations are available on this site, but there is not enough time to develop them.

Kozmobot Website has a goal to have good SEO results, but also to promote videos via Google Ads and AdSense. Otherwise, there is a massive campaign on social networks. In this case, this website has a proof that it actually needs to promote videos with money.

This channel is under development. When it gets released in August or September, I will drop the link here:

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