Working on Game Ideas – #1

Game Ideas for beginner game artists.

Let’s see what will be the first game development project and what are the ideas and future plans. A lot of people will be working on the best ideas and orientation. A simple 2D or 3D environment is very old-school, but it will be a lot better! If you add some special effects, it will look like an animated movie.

This website is made for game development and for game templates. which are useful for people who need their own template to create the best game. First, this page is offering a good place with internal links. The SEO skills are very important, because people need a way to search for a good artist.

The project Kozmo Games is a set of game templates and free C# codes. Use it as a place where you can learn Unity. This blog post is still under development…

Some examples of characters are here (I will replace them with my illustrations soon):

Technology vector created by pikisuperstar –
Robot transformers, robotics and artificial intelligence technologies cyborgs, military combat exoskeleton characters, battle alien cybernetic warriors on white background. Cartoon vector illustration
Computer vector created by upklyak –

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