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A person on Facebook asked me if I made anything for mythical deities. I said that I didn’t, but I was making logos instead.

I started my Dribbble account and I realized that this simple game logo reached more audience than I expected. People don’t know who I am, so I need to perform this change in a single blog post. Why make them for deities? They are not part of this website, but of some interesting and simple articles.

Congrats to the designer!

On this day, 82 views have been found, while 3 people liked it. This is the channel art of Kozmobot. It is a big picture with only one simple logo. This is a robot holding Joystick and he wants to inspire people. Despite being unknown, my website has a goal to become amazing.

Just saying, this is my logo, no other designer has made this to me. But this is the origin of my logo idea:

I have found something unusual in my hometown. It happened near the Elementary school, where someone was advertising an unknown YouTube channel through a QR code. Why did someone advertise a channel near the building? The character looked like this:


I saw a similar picture when I was walking, but it had a green background. It would be a copyright infringement if I created the exact logo, but this simple game logo looks like nothing like that…

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