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Game development students, great news! This website is fighting to make the best game development ideas. Get ready to hear the game ideas!

Hello and welcome, this is Kozmobot! Here you will find some amazing tutorials for game design and development. Though they are still not present, this post will be updated soon.

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New channel opening in February 2021!

Content notice

This is the update to the old post: Kozmobot Content Notice which was a very short post. This website is trying to provide great Game Development. Also, new video will be out on 10th February.

There are plans to make an update for Tic Tuc Runner. Users didn’t notice that the app was called Ticotuc after being downloaded. First of all, the graphics are weird and they should be improved. The sweet little capsule guy is very plain and simple. Also, the buildings need to be simple, not very complex. Lastly, Tic Tuc Runner needs to update a lot of things. The new update will be out before March 2021.


Game Development plans

This website has made it possible because of Unity tutorials. Before that, we had to use programming skills. The games require good programming, the videos need to show some very interesting information and that is it. Unity Engine videos are trying to be developed.

The links related to our services are here:

The news is planned to open this website. Kozmobot has its own game news and it would be great if more people appreciated our posts.

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