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Tutorial for Player Respawn.

Many people have had issues with player respawn in Unity. This tutorial will tell you how to fix it. Every problem has a solution. The video can fix one of the most recognized issues in Unity…

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First of all, you need to make a simple script that can power the player respawn. In this video, you can learn how to get your player to respawn after falling out of bounds. The major problem with respawning is that player can detect collisions only if it uses Rigidbody. That is not usually the case with the Character Controller.

The script used in this video describes what exactly is required for an instance of your player to be magically re-generated after hitting the corner. It’s a very simple Unity tutorial that can be useful for beginners. I can show you the right way to regenerate your player without any spawn points.

player respawning help
The respawn is displayed like this. When a player reaches the threshold, he should reappear at the beginning.

The Script

Because I always need to struggle to make collision detection with Character Controller, I found a way to build a respawning script. It was difficult to find a solution without additional game objects or collision detections. As you can see, this script has a variable called threshold, and that variable defines the Y-value that the player needs to reach. After reaching the threshold, i.e if it is under the predefined y-value, it will respawn back to the original position. Technically, the player returns a new vector3 value, which is the Transform Position of the player element.

transform.position = new Vector3(x, y, z) – position of the player can be defined as a float number.

public float threshold – recognized as the value that player needs to pass in order to respawn.

alt text player respawned


The next parts of the tutorial series will be about adding some gameplay elements and these elements will be easy to implement. If you find this video helpful, consider subscribing.

I will make videos every week. This is the seventh video in the 3D platformer tutorial series. Lastly, I want to make more game development tutorials and other content. These videos will help beginner game developers become better and make amazing games. Make sure to support the Creator for more videos!

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