Inktober Lego Drawing

Art and Drawing

Lego drawing for Inktober Challenge.

This is a simple drawing of a lego set, but the Inktober Lego Drawing turns out to be part of just one figure. The Inktober is continuing in 2024!

inktober lego drawing

Drawing Process

In this video, you can learn how to draw your own Lego figure, you can make your own character by customizing its outfit and hairstyle. The point of this video is in Inktober52 prompt which is set to be interesting for people who want to design their own topic associated with Lego. This video has also its own part that includes the animation process.

You can also see the stop motion animation video, which is also part of the channel. The only problem is because Kozmobot has named his

Click the video to watch.

Disclaimer: The video is only for entertainment and hobby purposes. I have decided to run Inktober52 challenge throughout the year. The third week prompt is Lego, so this is what do I think when I hear someone using that word. Lego challenge can refer to some persona, which is called Ego, but in a different and strategic way.

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