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New Board Games

Check out the new games on a board!

This is a page that offers the new and best board games. These can be found in any store, but now it is time to make them relevant again! Some places in Belgrade still offer a variety of them, although there are plans to design them regularly.

Here are the examples: I was looking for three different templates. The templates for this game are in flat design. They have an outline, to show where it should be cut. This blog post is under development, so this is just a startup.

Mensch ärgere Dich nicht
Mensch ärgere Dich nicht (Man, don’t get angry!)
Imagine you are a board game
Imagine you are… a Gamer?
The snatching beetles board
The Snatching Beetles
(A good beetle-shaped board)

Each game has a goal to be addicting and interesting. Let’s focus on bringing people to like our page.

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Working on Game Ideas – #1

Game Ideas for beginner game artists.

Let’s see what will be the first game development project and what are the ideas and future plans. A lot of people will be working on the best ideas and orientation. A simple 2D or 3D environment is very old-school, but it will be a lot better! If you add some special effects, it will look like an animated movie.

This website is made for game development and for game templates. which are useful for people who need their own template to create the best game. First, this page is offering a good place with internal links. The SEO skills are very important, because people need a way to search for a good artist.

The project Kozmo Games is a set of game templates and free C# codes. Use it as a place where you can learn Unity. This blog post is still under development…

Some examples of characters are here (I will replace them with my illustrations soon):

Technology vector created by pikisuperstar –
Robot transformers, robotics and artificial intelligence technologies cyborgs, military combat exoskeleton characters, battle alien cybernetic warriors on white background. Cartoon vector illustration
Computer vector created by upklyak –
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New Videos – soon!


Kozmobot channel for promo product videos. New channel for promo product videos is coming soon! There are a lot of plans to create good promo videos.

It has been over four months since this channel was uploading various content. This was the longest hiatus of Kozmobot, because there were no channel videos in that time. First, I will start making something very simple. It is going to be a channel for promo products.

This background is part of our game Tic Tuc. It is used for a promo video.


Promo Products

The promo products are different. They need a lot of improvement and maintenance. This website’s plan is to make a channel that will only consist of promo products. All game design and illustrations are available on this site, but there is not enough time to develop them.

Kozmobot Website has a goal to have good SEO results, but also to promote videos via Google Ads and AdSense. Otherwise, there is a massive campaign on social networks. In this case, this website has a proof that it actually needs to promote videos with money.

This channel is under development. When it gets released in August or September, I will drop the link here:

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Simple Illustration #1


Simple Character Flat Design Illustration – This is a simple design that has place in various fields. I usually design games, so here are the examples. The flat design illustration is here!

The first thing I want to tell is that I need to be original. The key in being original is that people will recognize your illustration. I have a Behance account that has some projects with graphic design.

A simple aviator, king or army man can be made with these shapes. Furthermore, this color combination is one of the factory Adobe presets.


The original idea for this illustration is still unknown. I am continuing to increase my creativity skills and develop something that is original and open-source.

I will soon start advertising and selling the illustrations. Some of these will be partially free and there will be paid illustrations. If you are interested, you can check out the links by clicking these buttons:

This is my second example. I am trying to build more high-quality characters for games. This website turns into a big database for game characters and it will therefore be optimized for people who need to look for the best design. Lastly, there will be more flat design illustration and

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Kozmobot Channel News

3 months after the channel was shut down, I believe it is time to relaunch it. This time, it will be different. All new videos will be more interesting!

This video is an example of the future content creator’s journey. Isn’t it great?

This is a video with robotic animation. Please note that it is from Shutterstock!

Problem is, because the channel had multiple content of random kind, and because there were some negative reactions from other people. Since this has been the longest (in)definite hiatus, the creator of Kozmobot says that he is busy and doesn’t have much time for a new channel.

Even though this channel is not known when it will be released, it might happen in June or July.