Board Game Design

Pattern Brushes with a real board game design.

First of all, board games are a relevant topic and people love playing in pairs. The board game design is not always clear. Design your game!

board game
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Let’s try to create an amazing pattern! There are four examples of A3 sized boards, which is pretty sufficient. The solution is simple, you can use the brushes to create your own style.

It is very easy to make the brushes, just create a rounded rectangle (or circle), drag it into brushes, and choose Pattern Brush. That is a good way to create great and stunning board game paths.

How is it made?

The video is coming soon.

I am a graphic designer with 3 years of experience. The main field I will be working on is the game industry. I design characters and game assets for computer games.

Mensch ärgere Dich nicht!

In the German language, this literally translates as “Man, don’t get angry”. There’s no official name of the game in English, but it is exciting and captivating. Mainly two players play this kind of game, but some versions include 4 players or more. There is a Dutch version for 6 players, “Mens erger je niet”, and the original game is considered the most popular in Germany.

Kozmobot offers more game designs and projects; In September 2020, Kozmobot had some projects, but it is time to make them better. There are some creative tasks that we perform, and that can boost your creativity. If you are a creative person with skills, you need to prove it.