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Also known as Casual Game Design, this channel is still in development. The picture you seen in the top left corner is the illustration of my face. I am not allowed to show the real face, but this kind of work is possible.

Content for kids will have kid-friendly characters. This means, therefore, that kids will be watching nonviolent and healthy content.

Since metamorphosis is not related to games, this video is based on a slideshow with pictures related to butterfly metamorphosis. It is not good to open multiple channels, so every video can be located on just one channel.

The point of game design is in high quality assets.

You deserve the best! I spend a lot of time working on some videos. They are made for people who need their best instructor. The videos are good, but soon they will be better. Since 2018, this channel has created a lot of content, that’s because of my design and web developer’s experience.

Game Development is in alpha stage, so I will ask many game developers and they will do it for me. Game Design is in making your ideas, not in realizing them.


Design your game and share with your friends!

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