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Robot Logo Design

A simple design with Robot Letters.

This logo design with robot letters is a perfect example of how to make a logo. These fancy letters are from Inkscape, a open-source program.

Which logo describes a game design studio?

These logos do not show the right answer, because you cannot see a character or anything related to game design, which brings a paradigm to a design critique. Seeing this logo as part of Kozmobot, the creator can confirm that it is more original and unique than the previous one. Drop your thoughts in the comments down below!

Graphic Design
Simple Illustration #1

Simple Character Flat Design Illustration – This is a simple design that has place in various fields. I usually design games, so here are the examples. The flat design illustration is here!

The first thing I want to tell is that I need to be original. The key in being original is that people will recognize your illustration. I have a Behance account that has some projects with graphic design.

A simple aviator, king or army man can be made with these shapes. Furthermore, this color combination is one of the factory Adobe presets.


The original idea for this illustration is still unknown. I am continuing to increase my creativity skills and develop something that is original and open-source.

I will soon start advertising and selling the illustrations. Some of these will be partially free and there will be paid illustrations. If you are interested, you can check out the links by clicking these buttons:

This is my second example. I am trying to build more high-quality characters for games. This website turns into a big database for game characters and it will therefore be optimized for people who need to look for the best design. Lastly, there will be more flat design illustration and