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Game Design #1 – TicTuc
The Updated TicTuc Game Design. This is the Major Update for Android.

These pictures are a set of design assets. They are part of the next Tic Tuc update. The worst thing is that TicTuc Game Design is so poor. It looked more like a game for kids. This time, it is the major change. The halfway realistic illustrations define the new game elements, like seaside, night city, Martian world etc.

Yahoo! I wanna play it!

A game featuring a TicTac candy, whose major enemies are Tuc biscuits, is expected to hit the markets in October 2021. Also, the 3D sequel of the game is expected to be released in 2022.

The point of the game is in a endless running experience, where your player fights against the Tuc biscuits and solves a puzzle. He collects the healthy food, collects heart candies and makes his lovely wife surprised.

As of September 2021, the game project called TicTuc has entered a heavy development stage. I can say that the new character and the new design will be quite flat design. It is a major update release, compared to previous two years.

Here is how the game looked like in 2019:

tictuc game design

The game has received mixed reviews. One claims that design needs a lot of improvement, but the other ones put a lot of dislikes.

The idea to make this game project was born in July 2019, but there weren’t any updates to the existing game. In the new version, all assets will be made in Inkscape. You can watch the latest video on YouTube.

To watch the design process videos, click one of these two buttons. The third button is the Bot Production page, where you can read more about creator’s main goals.

There are a lot of different game designs and ideas. This site is increasing attention and will be available for everyone who needs to make a game, buy design assets, play games by Kozmobot, watch tutorials etc. and this website is looking for building a team that will fulfill the developers’ dreams. Stay tuned!

What do you think?

Drop the comment down below and share your creative project with Kozmobot! Remember, the kingdom of game development is in everyone’s head. You can also ask me if you need some help or advice.

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Endless Runner in Unity

The endless experience. Made with Unity!

There is a game with only one level. After so many days of testing, there is a video that will show you the gaming interface. People on Behance don’t necessarily upload content for game development, they just stick with illustrations and 3D design. I was struggling with my programming skills, because of the misunderstood code that I found in the previous projects.

First, an updated 3D version is coming soon! The old garbage is recycled, so the game changer is coming. As of 28th May, there are 19 subscribers and 8 followers on TikTok.

Here is the channel on TikTok. There are over 1K views.

Also, you can watch the gaming background music, which became discovered and recommended by other music videos.

This game is a perfect example. Play the game that never ends!

In this video, you are going to be introduced to an endless runner. The unprecedented design is going up in the world after being promoted. After making an advertisement and putting ads in this video, there will be thousands of downloads. The creator of Kozmobot has informed us that he currently doesn’t have any Apple device to test the game on iOS.

Click the video to watch.
Board Game on Behance

This project is about board games. There are four examples of A3 sized Behance board game templates, which is pretty sufficient.

This Behance post is available! You can check out the other projects!

This link has the full post: Board Game Design

Board Game Design

This project is about board games. There are four examples of A3 sized boards, which is pretty sufficient. The design is not fixed because you can use the brushes to create your own style. It is very easy to make the brushes, just create a rounded rectangle, drag it into brushes and choose Pattern Brush. It is a good way to create great and stunning board game paths.

How can I make it?

I explained in the previous paragraph: drag your simple artwork into Brushes and select Pattern Brush. Then, you can customize your brush by changing stroke height, but the color is always the same. You need to change it before trying to create a seamless pattern.

Tutorial video

Soon it will be on YouTube. Please note that videos on Behance are in web-friendly format, to make it easier to host. It takes from a few minutes to several hours to process the video. You can find more posts on Behance, which is a good platform.

The Game Development project has its own story:

This website is a database of game development projects and tips but will be also used for illustration and design. I have a professional website that everyone needs to see!
Do you want to make your own games? Meet Cosmo and his robot workers, who can help you the right way. Respect yourself and start playing!

The gameplay is, at first, something that you will never forget. If you get into it, you will find some visual effects. This is something that will make you feel good.

Behance Board Game Templates and Tic Tuc are the official works from Kozmobot. More projects and illustrations are coming soon!

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80s style game

This will be a different post, because it has 8-bit graphics. Therefore, the entire game is made like that!

Retro Game

Learn how to make a retro game with good 80s style! This means you can practice your skills by pixel art and making your game have a retro 80s gameplay.

Come on everybody, this game is going to inspire others. The Android Rush with 3D retro graphics, at first, turns into a great and exciting gameplay!



Hear and see the best effects that will make your game interesting.

People who grew up in 2000’s won’t remember too much. They think only a few games should have pixel art and more geometry.

At first, people want to see something from their older days, when they were kids and playing Snake games.

Kozmobot wants to give the best game potential, just with modern graphics!



New games are coming with modern graphics, but this pixel art is just a throwback. A game which style is associated with 80s will be the next update. Furthermore, 3D Endless runner is the biggest thing Kozmobot is looking for.

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Tic Tuc game

An endless runner for Android devices. Try it now!

The new game for Android devices! Tic Tuc is the endless runner game that was developed in 2019, but there is an update!

Tic Tuc Runner is just a name that makes Tic Tac and Tuc cookies connected in one game.

Tikac-Tukac, also known as Ticketta, is so excited because you came here. She wants to introduce you through this blog post!

Update in May 2021: The original creator of the game has announced that he is working on audio production and that the game will take longer to be released in 3D.

Let’s make a TikTok game!

WHAT? I didn’t mean TikTok, the game’s name is Tic Tuc! Also, make sure that dance is on the go. Tic Tuc dancers, I mean TikTok, always want to be world famous.

The point of this game is in a dance style that Tickette likes to perform. I was just kidding, TikTok is not just made for dancing. People post esthetic videos there, but some of them want to make pranks. This game does not make people think that I wanted to name my game TikTok instead.

tic tuc endless runner

A game under development

Inspiration was found this year, by a game designer who makes professional art. Jaysen Batchelor, even though his video was released 4 years ago, was a channel that no longer uploads videos. Even though I was inspired with his game art video, I tried to make a background.

Also, there are platforms that make gameplay better. Tickette can eat Tuc biscuits, Tictac candies, but she needs to avoid green monster cookies!

The Gameplay

Tic can travel into two worlds: Martian Red and Alien Blue sky worlds. There will be five adventure levels and two difficulties. Easy and Hard endless runs have no end, they can progress infinitely.

The endless games have a big set of spike platforms. The object pooling system generates only platforms, it is not the same as in the previous update, where spike blades were blocking your gameplay.

When the update becomes live on Google Play, I will look around and find a game dev team. To find a team who will work with me might seem really hard. I will be making music, game designs and I will render everything, but I need to find someone who will write codes in C#.

However, Tic Tuc Endless Runner is a game like Subway Surfers. These games never end, they can be played “forever”. The only exception is in real life, where you have a lot of different things just to play games. People will force you to stop playing and these games in reality are NOT endless.

Major Update Release

Unfortunately, working on 3D graphics will make this game a lot different from its original release. The next update is a big change, so until June 2021, it will be ready for publishing.

Download the Game

Click the link below to download and play! You can download at this link:

Android Play Store