Digital Art in Illustrator

The Digital art has become more popular after a lot of people started making their drawings. Some artists illustrate things where digital art is important.


The Intuitive design

First of all, the main source is Adobe Photoshop, or with a different kind of software, like Clip Studio or Paint Tool Sai.

This is an example of illustration which contains flat design. As a design language, it also combines digital art!

An example of flat design is not hard to make. Firstly, the main source is to use only shapes and draw them around. It can work in Corel Draw, which enables import from Adobe Illustrator.


Digital Paintings

There are a lot of simple illustrations you can make. In other words, there are a lot of useful things to know. Digital paintings have their own design language, they usually come from graphics tablets.

Illustrated Comics

Starting with a basic story, you can make a comic. In this comic, you can see that three aliens see a bird wearing dress, which is made for a birthday party.

The alien’s names are Cozgo, Coron and Allie. Coron thinks the website is the best, but Allie forwards him the news.

The Designer's Interface

Even though Adobe Illustrator is the software I use, I recommend you to try the latest version. In general, the software interface is clear and everything can be used.

I practice mainly on writing scripts, like Georgian and Armenian. In other words, my orthography skills and drawing with a tablet are pre-intermediate.

I currently use my own script called “Kozmo script”. It is the website’s logo font. You can check the references on my blog posts. The links are on the screen:

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