Artist Portfolio

Here you can see all my drawings that have links to the Portfolio Items or Social Media. Click on any of these drawings to open their main page. Basically, the drawings are here:

Character Sketch

Pencil Art, Ink drawing videos and any other form of art are considered Inktober. The first week prompt is an Inktober Wild Drawing. When it comes time to the word “Wild”, it can be any wild animal, any unusual creature or anything non-domestic, not conquered. This idea was created after coming up with a rare polar animal.

Take this for example: Moona, a fox character from Arctic Circle, will appear as a cameo in some short animated videos. She is designed to be a non-anatomic character because her snort is shorter than the real fox’s snort. Turns out that Moona is a game character, which is inspired by Moondara Art on Instagram. The Creator will consider this a fox because of the facial features and pointy ears.

Best Drawings and Videos

This is a website where you can watch Drawing Process videos, which includes all pieces of art that are for game development purposes. These purposes include Character Design, VR, AR, Mobile Gaming and other videos related to Art & Design.

Concept Art is available in these variants: Sketch Drawing, Digital Art and Game Design.

Watch the process on YouTube