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With the Creator of Kozmobot, you can become an even better game developer. Learning Unity is much easier than you think! Just read this article if you are interested in Game Dev!

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The database of best tutorials!

This website focuses on game development tutorials. It offers the best tutorials from the Creator of Kozmobot. Watch if you want to learn! This picture describes one of the most widely recognized projects: Run, Cube, Run! Anyway, the point of this game dev project is that it is all made by one person. The Creator has been learning game development and he wanted to make videos related to what he finally learned from the Unity experts…

The Tutorials are my passion!

Here you can see a shortcut of all tutorials that I have created so far. This image only includes tutorials for game development, although there is one Blender tutorial. I call that tutorial a “Game Asset” tutorial, which makes more sense in the heart of game dev’s workspace. So far, some videos have reached over 500 views, but there is also a video that has reached two thousand views. Incredible!

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I make tutorials for all kinds of games.

On my YouTube channel, you can see most videos related to 3D platformer creation. These tutorials have been my passion, I was making them along with college obligations. I managed to make 11 tutorials for game development, excluding the Blender tutorial, of which one video contains an FPS game. These videos are considered the future game projects, that will be turned into real games.

My website has its own plans for 2023/24: I want to be the creator who wants to make more videos, where people can learn how to use Unity. I also want to let my imagination produce some impact on my game development experience.

Nick R, The Creator of Kozmobot

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