Need a graphic designer?

That’s me! My name is Nikola, and I am the creator of Kozmobot. This is my graphic design portfolio, for future designers. Read it and you will learn more about me and my experience as an artist.

Nikola’s Portfolio:

graphic design portfolio

Nikola Ristić

I am a graphic designer and artist with 3 years of experience. Currently, I live in Pančevo, Serbia.

“I started making both music and graphic design content. I am an artist because I like all the things related to multimedia design. From music to creative videos, I am the one man – one band person. This is my graphic design portfolio!”

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the main programs I use to design a good game. For making 3D models, I use Blender, which is a software I have been using since 2019.

Besides graphic design, I love developing my own games. I use Unity Engine to make new game projects. So far, I hope that games will become my profession.

If your objective is to become a good game developer, you need to know programming language(s). In Unity engine, C# is used to power all the games that have a simple objective.

You can hire a graphic designer like me. Right now, I am ready to create a very good game design for your project! Also, don’t forget to check out my links on the social networks!

You can access my social links here:

I design everything. From portraits, caricatures, to anthropomorphic creatures, like Magdalene, who is a bird woman.

My website is a good opportunity!

The interest to become a graphic designer was born when the creator of this website was a kid.

As a programmer, I have very few skills. I started learning C++ and C in 2016, but I only know the basics. These languages are multi-purpose, for operating systems, but I only learnt to write command lines. C# is more common and I think it doesn’t matter what programming language do you choose.

My website, Kozmobot, was named because of a game I was inspired by. I got the idea to name my graphic design website after playing a game called Cosmo Bots. These games have their fictional worlds, but they don’t speak anything.

In my imagination, game characters speak their own languages, like TicTuc does.

TicTuc is one of the games that is under heavy development.

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