Meet the Creator

I am the content creator with lots of ideas. All of these ideas are part of my hobby. If you are interested, you can read this website and you will learn more about my services and business projects related to Game Industry. Kozmobot
is a Game Changer!

Game Industry is one of the most complicated parts of the creative process. A game can be interesting if it has an attractive idea, but design takes the second place, because design is a profession that requires good sense of sight. 

Game Development and Game Design are two different terms: Development is related to coding and bringing a project to life, and Design is the name for concept of the game project, which is useless and only displays the game image instead
of the entire game. For more info, you can read here:


Kozmobot offers various services for game industry business. I can be a designer and programmer, but music production will be done by a hired composer. It is yet to be confirmed…

Simple Game Design

Hypercasual games are the biggest trend! Take a look at the page where you can find a simplified space corridor, more pages are coming soon!

Illustration Design

Kozmobot is a creator of amazing, high quality illustrations. The image you see is a lovely illustration made for one of the most supported subscribers of Kozmobot, the FoXonauts brothers.

3D Sculpting

This part is still under development… You can see the video related to a modeling timelapse which is done in ZBrush, the award-winning software for 3D sculpting.


Visit outer space and experience amazing gameplay!

Some games can have abstract shapes, just like this set of triangles, which take part of the Kozmobot logo. However, Kozmobot is not only about game development, it is also about 3D modeling and design, which is the primary profession
and takes the biggest part of the website.