Space Corridor

The Easiest and Fastest Modeling Timelapse!

In this video, I will present you the easiest and fastest Modeling Timelapse of a space corridor, which is created in a low poly 3D style. It can be used in a game project or 3D animation. The video is considered a showcase of my creative process that has influenced other content creators, who make low poly assets. Watch ’till the end!

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In Blender, you can make anything you want. You can also make a similar corridor that will be useful for a small project. I was using my imagination to make this 3D model interesting. Low Poly modeling is something that is my passion. I love making my 3D modeling career better.

The 3D modeling assets are probably the biggest part of Kozmobot. The videos that include all things from Kozmobot – Drawing timelapse, Game Design, 3D modeling videos etc. are interesting to watch and people can see the creative process. Soon there will be more content, but it is up to explore the first steps of this YouTube channel. The second steps are still under heavy control, but it is up to create some models that will be interesting for a project that will come inside a company that has a good income. The 3D modeling career is very interesting, but it gets more and more complex as you progress further…

There is much more! This photo gallery is worth more than a thousand words:

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