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Welcome to my Game Design website. In my website, you can see all my works, videos and other social network content. You have to make something that will stand out and increase people’s attention. This is a website for everyone who wants to hire a professional designer and 3D modeler. Click this button to open the Creator’s portfolio:

The Creator of Multimedia Assets for everyone.

Make something unreal and fascinating! Hire a graphic designer or 3D modeler to create an unbelievable gameplay. Multimedia Assets are cool! They are usable for any process and influence in design.

The Creator has used his creative skills to make these drawings better and professional. He has created a YouTube channel that consists of drawing videos. Only the best drawings will make people enter a strange, creative world of happiness. If you want to be a creator like me, check out these blog posts about drawings and illustrations:

What is this website about?

This website is a place where you can watch the concept drawing videos. In this video, I am drawing the exact way. Recently, I started drawing game assets for future games. There are a lot of videos with pencil drawings.

Kozmobot is a place where creativity meets a Professional Creator. The Creator is capitalized because it is used to symbolize the main character, who does the entire job himself. Don’t stop calling him Creator, because he does not use his real name on Internet.

The Creator has his own passion in building a personal brand of drawings, merchandise, equipment for professional artwork and creative projects, but that brand name is coming soon. Kozmobot is a name that will be printed on technical pens, markers, purses and other things that come from bookstores. Even some of the most popular merch will include the word “Kozmobot” on the front page of content.

Create professional multimedia assets and content!

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With Kozmobot, you can have a better design, according to creator’s drawing skills since Inktober. He will help you if you have a music composer and a programmer, and he can be part of their job. Your objective is to create multimedia assets for everyone, in terms of digital creation, where the main topic is game development.

You can join Kozmobot by visiting social links, where you can learn more about business in game industry. The Creator will be a game designer, animator, while the other people who build his personal team will be the co-workers. Apart from digital art, traditional sketches and other merchandise, game development will also be part of Kozmobot. You can fulfill your biggest dream by hiring and e-mailing the Creator, who will respond in less than 24 hours.

Create a character, background or anything else!

There are some good characters, like Manox and Kozmo. They are still in development, but you can image how they communicate with real people. Manox appears in the latest video with a drawing pen, trying to present his skills, but it doesn’t go well. He ends up in writing a sentence on a piece of green paper, but Kozmo helps him fulfill his creative goal. The achievement of this website will be to have a team of creative workers. In order to build that team, you need to have enough people for your project. No matter is it a super cool game, music band, entrepreneurship or a hard-working company, everything requires a team for your professional development.

The Creator has experience since middle school. In 2017, the first game was created, it was called Cosmic Robots. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very successful, it only had 150 plays after two months of uploading. The game is discontinued since 2018. After that, it was removed from Scirra Arcade, which is a website where the game was hosted. It is the only possible way to make browser games, since Flash Player was shut down. It was present way before the shut down announcement happened.

Share this website with your friends and make them appear as a creative game dev team that will make better game design assets for Kozmobot. The point of this website is in engaging game developers and making a game with unreal, monstrous creatures. Kozmobot is the game changer!

This is a 2D Game Design example from 2017. It was the year this website was first opened.

What else is part of Kozmobot?

Pencil Drawings are part of Kozmobot and they represent drawing videos from start to finish. Using a 0.5 mm black technical pen, different brands of pencils, watercolors and markers, every drawing looks stunning. Every artistic project can have a paradigm between good design and bad design, because that word is used initially for visual problem solving, which is practiced very well on Kozmobot. It’s just a database of professional assets, including Graphic Design, Pencil Artwork, Digital Art and at last, the Photography.

We are happy to have software to make every dream come true. With enough hard work in the field of Multimedia, which combines all form of visual content, everything can be possible for a very short amount of time. Don’t waste your time anymore, just keep creating like the Creator!

For any information about pricing, working hours and project prerequisites, ask the creator in the Contact Form.

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Go check the social network links! Over 50 photos and videos are awaiting! If you need a designer for your projects, you are at the right place. Happy drawing everybody!