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Help Kozmobot build a game dev team, where the Creator plays a role of game design. Patreon Page is open to public!

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Make games together!

Even if you are still planning to get a real job, but not finding one…

This is a platform for content creators and designers. It is designed to make them earn money from creating with other people. Like Kickstart, Twitch and Discord, you can engage a team of creative people who will act like real playable roles in every business.

To get all things related, go to the Patreon account called Kozmobot4 (not Kozmobot, because it isn’t active) and become the first Patron!

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Meet Manox, the Mannequin!

Kozmobot and Manikin are the two little friends whose objective is to make their website more engaging. After building a big database of blog posts, website visits will grow. To make it grow, share it with your friends. Share this website to a team of designers, or a game dev team that will make better game design assets for Kozmobot.

The point of this website is in engaging game developers and making a game with unreal, monstrous creatures. Kozmobot is the game changer!