Kozmobot Picture Gallery.

There are a lot of photos and illustrations! This website is full of good quality pictures. First of all, you can find some illustrations and designs. The picture gallery is here!

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Some pictures are in development. Your photo stock service can also be like this.

This website used to have a minimalist design. Now it is time to make it more advanced because of these pictures and portfolios. This is a place for your social skills, not for a virtual museum. You think that was cool to have a big number of content, but quality is better than quantity. Sometimes, more photos will make it better on my website.

All vector images are made in Illustrator, which is the world’s best vector graphics software. In order to enhance the illustrations and add effects, you can use Photoshop. All these words are unknown to Grammarly, but it is OK.

It’s hard to describe this gallery in minimum 250 words. Don’t make nonsense or hullaballoo images, just focus on making eye-catching content.

The year 2020 was the breakpoint of my design skills, but in 2021, I will focus on board game design.

The Behance account is getting more advanced. Projects are also getting more interesting. Board Games are the next experience and stay tuned!

Here is the text from Behance: There are four examples of A3 sized boards, which is pretty sufficient. The design is not fixed because you can use the brushes to create your own style. It is very easy to make the brushes, just create a rounded rectangle, drag it into brushes and choose Pattern Brush.