Inktober Crystal Drawing

Critical, um… Crystal Impact!

The Crystal appears somewhere in the air. It is an inanimate object, meaning that it doesn’t have its name. Inktober Crystal Drawing is here:

Inktober Crystal Drawing is available in two different variants. The second one is made because the new drawing ink was desired to be tried for the first time.

This is the first Inktober Drawing of 2021. It could be better, but it was a rushed drawing. The diamond – crystal shape was the first prompt that usually goes like this: Drawing green lines and putting an outline over them. The next drawing is a suit and you can see it on the first link:

If you want this character for your game, hire me as a game designer and artist! The website creator needs a team that will make the game dreams come true. He likes the lineart style so much, flat design and even abstract pattern design, which will make the game background…

However, the Creator’s biggest wish is that the next Inktober drawings were Pixel Art or maybe dotted / dappled characters or concept art pieces, and make sure that the Creator’s profile, Kozmobot Channel, gets more attention and over 100 followers, where it is right now.

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