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What should you learn, that will come true. More than 100 programming, coding and development things are here. Your task is to choose the right one!

Easy to learn

I will make your dreams come true. Just go through and start writing! Therefore, I can help many of you humans! First of all, many kids and adults should learn programming and app development because it becomes more relevant than design in Photoshop. Therefore, to make good programs, just make good content!

Programming tasks are like writing on a whiteboard. Just prepare your whiteboard markers and draw your program algorithm. If it works, your job will blow up! Development and coding will increase your mind of writing those boring lines of code…

Is Programming for you?

You will find out what programming and coding languages should you use. 

Easy to code

Everything depends on where do you want to use it. If you make games, of course, C# and Python can be used for it. If you make programs in Java, then you will focus on the graphics interface and program design. But, if none of these are your interests, we have a better solution: game development in Unity!

The coding is simpler than you think! Just skim through and select the best resource for mobile app development.

The Coding experience is the key

Everything you learn can make your programs easily. The coding experience program is coming soon, in 2020, and this will be the best choice for future software developers.

Make your own goal

Just skim through and make your first program fully developed! This developer package is coming soon.

Hello, Kozmo.

Kozmo’s main goal is to make the best production software for games, graphics and 3D modelling software, like Paint 3D and Blender. He will make a good course for you!

Furthermore, this will not only be the first program section.

Are you ready?

Grab your development kit and start making programs!

Learn Programming without limits!

We hope you find this page helpful. If you are interested in Game development, Android Studio and Visual C#, Kozmobot is the best choice for you. Check out the other products and services of Kozmobot!


Play your game like a pro! This page will let you try some games.

Android Development

Make your first mobile app!

Graphic Design

Endless game changer that makes graphic design tasks useful and makes your better understanding.