Professional products and services


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The introduction 

Promo products include graphic design, entrepreneurship and all other things related to packaging. All of these are part of our print shop. Firstly, there will be some non-related things, like game development and courses on Gumroad. Professional products and services are there to help you on the right way!

My family is working for 27 years in graphics business. During that time, we accumulated big knowledge and experiences on many related fields. There are many fields where we can offer. That includes a verity of quality services and reliable products in the highest quality.

At this point, our systems indicate a lot of guidelines to make our job better:

– Never use a lot of gradation or custom fonts
– Focus on the color scheme
– Make sure to include the basics of design process
– Understand the Graphic Design theory
– Use some social media to ask others about fixing problems
– Watch our tutorials and find all interesting facts.

Promo Products

The third large field of our professional interest are promo products. In the world of marketing, there are a lot of kinds of promo gifts, direct mailing and similar products. Everything that is made of paper. That is our field of interest. No matter is it all about promo magnets, paper fans and beer coasters, paper flags, banners, fans… Also folders, calendars, business cards, stationary and many many more. Including some new and original stuff you’ve never heard before (that is our speciality).

Graphic Design Fundamentals


Me and my colleagues can full-fill any of your requirements no matter how complicated they are. Our goal is to make drawing some new graphic design possible.

These professional products and services are going to be seen on our site:

All sorts of Boxes

Boxes for Jewellery are the key of fashion and attractive design posts. This small box is a kind of requisite for a video that has a spinning mechanism.
Luxury paper bags

Luxury Paper Bags

These are the main resources of our packaging design, for example, luxury paper bags take a lot of part for business. We earn some money from these boxes, so that makes our brand considered.
Boxes for Jewellery


Packaging products and services is one of of our specialisations. Our company is almost 3 decades involved in development and production of all kinds of packaging. This includes boxes by your specification. Also luxury paper bags, economy bags, and etiquette, envelopes, stickers and etc.

Game Development

Look into this section to find all these tutorials!

The fourth and the most popular field is game development. It is in Unity, using C# programming language. There are a lot of courses for scene transitions, menus, options and animators. First of all, it will result in making good quality content and leaving the people’s work done. This page is fully developed!

We can help you on your journey!

This tutorial will help you learn the basics of the programming languages, game development and making a simple 2D game. Click the button to launch our tutorial!


Learn Game Dev like a pro

Be like Brackeys and GamesPlusJames.

Make a lot of audience proud with your games and all these tutorials will help you on the right way!

If you successfully passed all the projects in the Games section, click the button below to grab your certificate!

Kozmobot for Kids

Cody, Heartussa and Krash Rabbot are the mascot characters.

They are the preschool children (5-7 years of age) and their job is to learn art, design and game development, before going to school.

Since kiddy crafts and content is really uncommon, this section includes only a few services that can be used for kids. For example, the games on our Play Store are said to be not designed for kids, but that is not true. These apps can be used for both kids and adults.

Kozmobot for Girls is represented by Heartussa. She is a human-bird hybrid who looks cute and is a favourite girl franchise character in the Kozmo hub. She is 6 year old and wants to show you the best paintings she made at the art class! (Sorry if I my style is bad)

Kozmobot for boys is represented by Cody the Robot. He thinks humans are the best choice of creatures who watch his own drawings and programs. Cody is known to be a developer who fights for all problems about Kozmobot. He is the first character to become a symbol of Kozmobot.