Art and Drawing
Inktober Camo Drawing

Camo Drawing for Inktober Challenge.

The fifteenth week of 2022 and is very cool. Inktober Camo Drawing is a video on What Nik Designed and it features a new character, Cameca.

There is a short story that describes the origin of these characters, who come from a Steampunk Concept Art project. First of all, the Camo outfits are only present on the human beings, while the other creatures have their secret skills and outfits. Here is something about Cameca, which is the main animal character:

She is a blue bird with a golden beak and is a carrier for ball shaped spaceships. Cameca’s sister, Angela, looks slightly confused. Underneath her body there are some Tictuc aliens who appear to be invading the city of Eintuc. A human being, which has the camo suit, has a task to overcome these aliens and throw bombs onto their property, including houses and streets. This drawing is a cartoon photo filter and it is available in grayscale only. Cameca is more hard-working, but Angela is care-free and sometimes underwhelming. These birds’ parents were not the same species, so that’s why their descendants are different.

cameca camo drawing for inktober

The Creator has a problem: he has a lot of college tasks and projects that haven’t been finished yet.

With Kozmobot, you can have a better design, according to creator’s drawing skills since Inktober.

You can join Kozmobot by visiting social links, where you can learn more about business in game industry. The Creator will be a game designer, animator, while the other people who build his personal team will be the co-workers. Apart from digital art, traditional sketches and other merchandise, game development will also be part of Kozmobot. You can fulfill your biggest dream by hiring and e-mailing the Creator, who will respond in less than 24 hours. Lastly, this contact form button will fulfill your dreams.

Art and Drawing
Inktober Micro Drawing

Click the video to watch.

Smaller than a pencil, smaller than a phone!

You can fit it everywhere you want! The Inktober Micro Drawing is a little bit confusing part, because the sixth week was busy with ideas. It is believed that the smaller the drawing is, the more value will it get. And, it became true! Micro drawings are a good idea for spending a little time being productive.

The Micro Drawing is something that every content creator needs. The previous video was a Canyon Concept drawing, so there was no week 5. The sixth week was less complex because of drawing complications. New markers don’t seem to work perfectly, although they are new. Inktober Micro Drawing is the best example of making minimalist things, just like other creative fields. There are 35 subscribers and 52 TikTok followers so far. Let’s go!

micro inktober drawing

Inktober Prompt 5

The creator’s previous part was a Squash drawing, although it does not exist on YouTube. He likes the drawing style of many people who have technical pens. Even if there is a lot to study, he is working harder to build these lines and make ’em more advanced. So, the squash drawing, about a character called Squashy, looks like this:

inktober drawing

Squashy is a powerful griffin made only from pumpkins. She wants to fly in the air!

The Creator’s message

Share this website!

The Creator’s biggest wish is that the next Inktober drawings were Pixel Art or maybe dotted / dappled characters or concept art pieces, and make sure that the Creator’s profile, Kozmobot Channel, gets more attention and over 100 followers, where it is right now.

Share this website with your friends and make them appear as a creative game dev team that will make better game design assets for Kozmobot. The point of this website is in engaging game developers and making a game with unreal, monstrous creatures. Kozmobot is the game changer!

Art and Drawing
Inktober Decay Drawing

Skull Decay Drawing for Inktober Challenge.

The second week prompt is an Inktober Decay Drawing. When it comes time to the word “Decay”, it is something that degrades and deforms. Any unusual situation is like radioactive half-life of isotopes. This drawing is the creator’s imagination during the college lesson, after coming up with the Inktober Story online…

inktober decay drawing

As the Creator said before, Pencil Art, Ink drawings and any other form of art are considered Inktober.

Inktober Decay Drawing is a video where you can see a short drawing process of a Skull Fanfic character, which is deformed and leaked. This character, named Azgie, will appear in animated videos as part of the Ghost Tower.

Azgie is a non-binary skull because it is hard to tell apart a female and male skull.

Using the creative process, I can make Inktober52 drawings available. This challenge plays its role every Thursday! Also, Inktober is a fun way to promote yourself. I can expect more than 100 followers.

Currently, as of 15th January, there are more than 90 followers, because the video has popped and became widespread. Follow me for more drawings!

I will easily get support from the other people and they will recommend my drawings to a bigger audience. From technical pen, drawing ink, to poster colors and acrylic painting techniques, every drawing can look stunning and wonderful.

The next drawing is unknown. Will it be a cooling fan, non-computer term, or anything else, it depends on the creators of Inktober challenge.