Photography Design

photography design

Photography, Design, Illustrations and more!

Kozmobot is a website that has an opportunity to create great content. It has decided to make more posts related to photography and design.

When it comes time to photography, using very expensive equipment does not mean better quality and more likes. People use very cheap equipment, like compact cameras and smartphones. People know how to make a photo but they don’t think about the exact details.

There is no big deal between a good and a bad design. It has a lot to do!

Design is a very big field. The design process is a complicated story where people start getting things right. Firstly, design was used to display something. Also, illustrations are part of my creative journey. They are visual elements of my website!

Dark Robot makes your day better. Enjoy!


This is a great year for posting. Kozmobot is a website that offers photography services and other things related to design. The instagram account, Kozmobot Channel, is a good place for photography, aesthetic videos, graphic design and more.

Do it like Kozmo the assistant.

YouTube videos

New Youtube videos are coming every Tuesday. It is the day I have enough time to work on video creation.

Creative Content

A creative illustration that can be very attractive. I haven’t ever dreamt about being very creative and successful.

Latest Video

Even if the recording process was poor, I managed to record it with a hand. The King character is in early development.

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