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Design Everything with Nick, the creator of Kozmobot. This website has two names: Nick Art Design and Kozmobot, the first one is uncommon.

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Click the image to play the video! It is on my YouTube channel. You can see a drawing process of a cage.

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Design your Game. Design Everything!
In 2018, my idea was born. Now because I can design a project like a pro, and I can also make a perfect video that can explain that process. Also, I can make a music video with a visualizer.

Take a look at this track! Cosmo has brought you a very interesting sound. You can take at least two minutes listening to a powerful, cosmic sound.

design sound your nick art design music

Without this microphone, all sounds will be recorded with a smartphone. The quality would be terrible. This is a lifesaver, so every creation and sound development is powerful with this device! Lastly, the tracks are amazing!

Also, you can check out the portfolio:

In my portfolio, you can learn more about creative projects and staggering experience from a professional gaming music producer and graphic designer.

Designing your Sound with Kozmobot is something that you will never miss! If you are interested in making a song, or a creative project, this website is for you!

Graphic Design Assets for Everyone.

Thanks to Detozin, who made this site possible. Also, special thanks to Deto.rs, who is creating money easily. This business is pretty straightforward!

This abstract pattern is straightforward, too! Therefore, you cannot imagine how abstract are the synthetic sounds.

nick art patterns

That’s not all! Contact me if you want to learn more about Kozmobot!