Multimedia Assets

Create professional games with KOZMOBOT!

Make something unreal and fascinating! Hire a graphic designer or 3D modeler to create an unbelievable gameplay. Multimedia assets are cool!

App Prototypes are showing the multimedia plan, which includes game design, programming and audio effects.

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Watch the videos!

This website is a place where you can watch the concept drawing videos. In this video, I am drawing the exact way. Recently, I started drawing game assets for future games. There are a lot of videos with pencil drawings.

Choose your CHARACTER

The creator wants to draw characters for future games. Pencil Drawings are also part of Kozmobot, and that is going to increase its database!

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Support me!

Go check the social links from Kozmobot! If you want to hire a game designer like me, drop your soundtrack, coding script or send your requirements in the contact form!

Create a character, background or anything else!

Share this website with your friends and make them appear as a creative game dev team that will make better game design assets for Kozmobot. The point of this website is in engaging game developers and making a game with unreal, monstruous creatures. Kozmobot is the game changer!

With Kozmobot, you can have a better design, according to creator’s drawing skills since Inktober. He will help you if you have a music composer and a programmer, and he can be part of their job. Your objective is to create multimedia assets for everyone, in terms of digital creation, where the main topic is game development.

For any information about pricing, working hours and project prerequisites, ask the creator in the Contact Form (If the mail ends up in the spam folder, it will be reported “not spam”)

Make this game look stunning. Hire a game designer today!

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