Meet Cosmo!

He is a robot full of AI emotions that bring creativity to life.
In the more recent tutorials, he gives his creator a smartphone to test the game process.
But he is only an icon that defines an imaginary place, the one that he has been around since
the creator was first making content for his brand new website…

Our Services

I solve many bugs in Unity Game Engine

Kozmobot is a website that can help you solve a very annoying bugs, glitches and tweaks while making games in Unity. If you need to learn Unity and get rid of coding errors, make sure to watch some game dev tutorials which are about a specific issue and the encountered issue will be resolved.

Need help with making games?

Don’t worry, the creator knows the best way to make games: it’s the section of Unity game dev tutorials!
The creator has been dreaming about it since 2018 and he is happy that he made his childhood dream come true.
You can watch the latest video here:


My games are tested on many devices!

Kozmobot has its own potential that can show developers the way his games can be played on mobile devices, mostly Android phones, but iOS still remains under development. The game you see is the latest project on Google Play, Bird Universe. It also has a decent video trailer that is part of the promotion.


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