Hexagons – Professional Hexagonal Boxes

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There are a lot of hexagonal-shaped boxes! We are developing them rapidly, so you’ll enjoy in new updates and open-source materials. Enjoy!

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These boxes are also known as HoneyCombs, because of their hexagonal shape.

To begin with, these are the simple candy boxes. You will mention that we are making beautiful design, so remember to watch the next video, that is coming up this Tuesday. We made this video the most popular 😀


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This promo product, therefore, implies that hexagons is a term that is obvious in many cases. There are a lot of contents on these boxes, including textures and paintings. Hexagonal boxes come in three variants. Click the button below!

red velvet hexagons

Date-flavoured candy boxes. Price varies between 1.30$ – 3.99$, depending on how complex is the design. This page is coming soon.

Green hexagons

At first, these boxes come as Fig-flavoured candy boxes. To be sure, these boxes can cost between 2.20$ – 5$, depending on quality and design. This page is coming soon.

Choco hexagons

Coming soon! These hexagonal boxes are all chocolate, but unique. They can be with pistachios and almonds. This page is coming soon.

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