Tic Tuc game

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An Endless runner for Android devices.

Tic Tuc Game – The new game for Android devices! 

Tic Tuc is the game that was developed in July 2019, but it took a lot of times to publish it. Due to the problems of Policy Centre violations, the game was three times removed from the store, after a review. If these causes didn’t occur, the game would come earlier. But, nothing is impossible, this is just the first release! 

Easily Developed

There is no easier game that was made before this one. Tic Tuc is made for all devices supporting Android 5.x and newer and this game will be supported for most Android smartphones and tablets (even though tablet screens are not graphics-optimised). The entire graphics and character design was done in Illustrator, but some characteristic steps were made in Corel Draw x7.

Download the Game

Click the link below to download and play! This game can be downloaded from this link: