Kozmobot Color Palette

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Flat Design Color Palette is the main source of my website. This color palette is official and now I am happy to share them with you.

Flat design is still in development, but it will be one of the 2020’s designer trends. These years, you can freely make design illustrations and simple logos. This is a video that describes our work.

The Gigantic Design palette has some colors that are similar. This guy makes free and open source templates, but some of them are paid. Lastly, these colors  need to make your projects better and therefore make your dreams come true fast!

Have you asked yourself how to install this palette?

The process is simple. Just download this photo (or .ai file supported on Adobe CC)

and start adding swatches in the tab. My recommendation is to remove all previous swatches.

Make some simple squares. Add the user-made colors and click “new swatch” icon.

Repeat the same process and make sure to save your pallete (Right click  / Save Swatch library as AI) because you’ll need it!

The last part, just add your swatches in next files by clicking on “Open Swatch Library” or find the User Defined tab.

Save this image to get started:



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