Unity Game Development – Getting Started

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A cool Unity Game development course. Made for beginners. This blog post is about Unity Game development and how to make simple games.

But now, we need to develop a simple game the right way!

You can easily find some advantages about making games.


The point of the tutorial is that you can learn the basics and make your games like a pro. Read the following text to learn how.


One of the best essentials is to download the free Unity version. First of all, it is a Unity Hub app where you download an appropriate version.


After you downloaded the engine, this straightforward step will make you create your own game. In Unity, you should mention the collective library and choose your prefab assets.

Good old graphics! These pictures were on my site a year ago. They were used to teach the basics in Unity.

If you have a 3D scene with 3 robots, one of these is the main character, who takes part in a good level. The problem is because he needs to be animated.

Animation Guide

It is necessary to locate the animation files and drag into the animator. These have different transitions. The most recommended one is to create a running animation. Create a int named “Speed” and set it to > 0.1, but on the back transition, set it to < 0.1. Also, the animation is possible with boolean named “Walking” and default value is false.

In the Script, here is the simple reference:

public Animator anim;


Game Engine

There are a lot of engines, for example, Unity and Unreal. In 2022, the Kozmo engine will be released and it will be a similar engine with a light-weight design.

Release Date

The Tutorial is coming soon. This post contains its own references to the tutorial, but they are not yet available.

Stay tuned to the new content! 

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