Graphic Design Theory

The graphic design theory is a very important step for further learning, that makes your business organization proud of doing the best design experience. This is a long sentence because it is important!

Readability needs improvement! You have to make sure that your templates are clear and explained. The basic theory of design, therefore, has an ability to understand the colors, forms, languages etc.

It was January of 2019 when I started learning Adobe Illustrator. This software is cool, because you can design with ease. It is a good program with a lot of functions. We do not allow low effort drawings, but I hope these are OK for an average website:

If people ask: “May I use your illustration?”, the answer depends on is it free or paid. Our illustrations are free to use, but soon there will be paid variants on WooCommerce.

Logo Design

This image, as you can see, is free to use. Use search filters in Google to find some pictures with Creative Commons licence.

To make your logo, I will explain in a tutorial that is coming soon. If it is known that there will be a new tutorial, I will make sure to develop it before it is too late. In Corel Draw, you can find a good interface.

Web Design

It is important to make better web pages. I know how weird can it be, but it is possible to do so.

As you can see, a free web template from Pinterest explains how the modern websites should look like. There are no hard things, just HTML and CSS. If you are new, start using free website builders, like Mozello and WordPress.

More tutorials are coming soon, just stay tuned! If you have any questions, ask in the comments down below.

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