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Board Game on Behance

This project is about board games. There are four examples of A3 sized Behance board game templates, which is pretty sufficient.

This Behance post is available! You can check out the other projects!

This link has the full post: Board Game Design

Board Game Design

This project is about board games. There are four examples of A3 sized boards, which is pretty sufficient. The design is not fixed because you can use the brushes to create your own style. It is very easy to make the brushes, just create a rounded rectangle, drag it into brushes and choose Pattern Brush. It is a good way to create great and stunning board game paths.

How can I make it?

I explained in the previous paragraph: drag your simple artwork into Brushes and select Pattern Brush. Then, you can customize your brush by changing stroke height, but the color is always the same. You need to change it before trying to create a seamless pattern.

Tutorial video

Soon it will be on YouTube. Please note that videos on Behance are in web-friendly format, to make it easier to host. It takes from a few minutes to several hours to process the video. You can find more posts on Behance, which is a good platform.

The Game Development project has its own story:

This website is a databaseĀ of game development projects and tips but will be also used for illustration and design. I have a professional website that everyone needs to see!
Do you want to make your own games? Meet Cosmo and his robot workers, who can help you the right way. Respect yourself and start playing!

The gameplay is, at first, something that you will never forget. If you get into it, you will find some visual effects. This is something that will make you feel good.

Behance Board Game Templates and Tic Tuc are the official works from Kozmobot. More projects and illustrations are coming soon!


Design Project: The modern dictatorship

The 21st-century design project is an example of technology and any other control. We, humans, are controlled by a network host. This design project is explained here:

Every human has control. Hardly anyone has freedom.

First of all, everything is connected and controlled! Today’s dictators are just puppets and spiders. Someone else on the Internet pulls the strings.

Our lives’ control is in keyboards and touch screens. The essential dictatorship of the 21st century is in technology over which we don’t have control. We have lost it ever since.

Today’s lives matter because of our inability to speak about dictatorship. We have no freedom of speech, no freedom of social media, etc.

What’s more, people waste tons of smartphones and memories. The point of the task is to increase our creative process. Use the old PC instead to recycle it!

The SEO is always clear. Dictators control the environment and only they decide what to do. In around 30 words, I can explain about modern dictatorship / other things that people never break.

Furthermore, there is no free time for people. They spend a lot of time on their computers, so the main tech dictator wants to prevent them. He uses the strings to control them and never miss a thing. Internet pulls a string before showing the best design project!

dictatorship of 21st century

But, this site also has a control! All the games and music needs a lot of review before being published. Only the website host decides what and when to publish.

In other words, social media and the internet we know, are banned in some countries. Except for North Korea, Turkmenistan has also a dictator. This blog post was difficult to read, but I made it because of a faculty design project. When it becomes ready, this project will get into real game development. It will be amazing because of the wires and technology!