Robot Code Sound Effect

Listen to the robot code remix! From Kozmobot.

Robot code is more popular than ever. This robot track is useful but sometimes problematic. After a lot of hard work, here is the code!

First of all, in 2014, this sound effect was uploaded. It is part of the YouTube audio library.

But this video is a remix version. It is a short music video with random numbers.

Why were there no new videos?

The creator of Kozmobot has apologized for being inactive for such a long time. He had a lot to work on because he goes to college and there is no time to work on new videos.

On Pinterest, there are a lot of content creators. The aim of the game is to reach more people.

Don’t worry, here is what the creator explained:

Having a lot of stuff and being inactive on social networks is not a good idea. People forget who you really are.

I did a lot of things to create a very useful video. Now it’s time. Let’s make 2021 the biggest year on Kozmobot!

Creator of Kozmobot.

Dark Robot makes your day better. Enjoy visiting Kozmobot!

In this website you can find various projects for graphic design, game design and other types of content creation.

It’s up to you to tell me what are your interests for new content, because let the social platforms become an amazing place for advertising new projects!

The plan is to run a successful online store and have a good business, where illustrations and creative content will be sold.


  • Artwork cannot be used in any form, including commercial purposes and public broadcasting, without prior permission from Kozmobot!
  • For any inquiries for non-commercial use, contact me via Contact Form


As of 2018, I started creating good content for graphic design, game design, and music production. Therefore, I do all kinds of design!

My dream is to start a website that will attract more visitors. The year 2021 is a big deal for content creators.

People want to start online businesses and online lessons. One day it will become the main resource of studying!

My professors and close friends like my work. They increase the support and view count!

Design your sound. Your KOZMOBOT!

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