Month: October 2021

  • FLAT Illustration #2

    FLAT Illustration #2

    FLAT Illustration for your creative projects. This project is about a man holding a phone. The second flat illustration is just a project that will include a simple illustration. It will be amazing if you can use it as an advertisement. Make people proud! This website will deliver amazing results! Check out the social links:

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  • INKTOBER Day 6 – Spirit

    INKTOBER Day 6 – Spirit

    A character from an animated movie, Spirit. It was the first drawing of 6th October. I didn’t know will it be a horse cartoon, or a ghost. The prompt of the Day 6 is Spirit. Did you mean a horse character or a ghost? Well, a spirit is something related to your soul or a…

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  • Inktober Challenge – Day 3

    Inktober Challenge – Day 3

    Inktober DAY 3 – Vessel. It is an abstract shape that can be placed inside a boat. I used to combine both drawings for Inktober Day 3. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nikola Ristic (Kozmobot) (@bot.production) It has been 3 days.Since October has started, I have joined a challenge where I…

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