Inktober Frog Drawing

frog drawing

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Frog Drawing for Inktober Challenge.

The fourth week, although very busy, is finally done with this drawing! It is about an Inktober Frog Drawing. The Creator wants to share it!

Kozmobot wants to show you the way he creates a Frog Superhero. This was a rapid drawing video where the character creation is centered to the maximum. This YT Short is just a sketch process, preceded by the actual YouTube video.

Like previous post for Stripes drawing, the idea for this, fourth week drawing comes from an animal hero that appeared on Inktober’s Instagram page. The Creator likes the way how beautiful someone’s works were. Even if he has to study, he is working harder to build these lines and make ’em more advanced. Try to make lines less shaky, instead of drawing them like me. So, here is the frog character!

inktober frog drawing

If you want this character for your game, hire me as a game designer and artist! The website creator needs a team that will make the game dreams come true. He likes the lineart style so much, flat design and even abstract pattern design, which will make the game background…

However, the Creator’s biggest wish is that the next Inktober drawings were Pixel Art or maybe dotted / dappled characters or concept art pieces, and make sure that the Creator’s profile, Kozmobot Channel, gets more attention and over 100 followers, where it is right now.

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Lastly, The point of this website is in engaging game developers and making a game with unreal, monstruous creatures. Kozmobot is the game changer!

Yes, it’s a true game changer, because game development and AR are changing the entire world of gaming! More drawings are coming every three or four days. Stay tuned and design everything!

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