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Spotty the Volcanic Spot.

Inktober Spot Drawing is a video where the Creator is using some drawing ink as artistic media. It is yellow before becoming a lava particle. Then it turns into a red particle, but this Inktober Drawing was the most successful after three drawing ideas.

Watch the Spot Drawing for Inktober!

@whatnikdesigned Inktober52 Prompt 8 – Spot. The Red Spot is incredible… #redspot #spotthedrawing #drawingink #drawingtips #inktober52 #inktober #inktober2022 ♬ F U Anthem – Leah Kate

So far, Kozmobot has created 20 YouTube shorts, 50 TikToks and 25 Instagram Reels. This drawing seems to be more interesting because of its complexity and shades of orange and red. Yellow becomes removed, so only red becomes the intense magic of color mixing. Only red and yellow ink form the entire shape. While it doesn’t make things right, Spotty is drawn with technical pen, that does a good job with making contours. Tiktok seems to have less views for this catchy character, but it takes time to grow to a bigger artist.

If you are an artist, looking for a good team, this is the best place for you! Spotty appears to be on various app icons, including Pudding Monsters, but it only looks similar. The source of inspiration can be found on many websites, design inspirations and creative process videos from similar artists. Some discontinued games are considered inspiration, although their development no longer exists.

This illustration tells a very interesting story:

This is what happened to the eye of Sauron when Gollum fell into the lava with his precious ring…

aspiritedroseillustrations commented

What makes this illustration attractive is a character from Lord of the Rings. Perhaps Sauron appears to be a scary character, his persona could make this cartoonish eye more staggering and flammable than volcanic eruption.

The Creator likes drawing in a cartoonish style because it is not very challenging to draw. Check this out!

The Spot of Sauron

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