I’m a game developer and 3D modeler

Hi, my name is Nick. I’m a game developer and a 3D modeler, who primarily uses Unity and Blender. I can teach you how to make your first 3D game in Unity. Check out my portfolio and contact me.






Years of

I create stunning tutorials for developing video games and designing assets for 3D game scenes, with a focus on creating high-quality assets. Therefore, I usually optimize the gaming experience by making very simple games, mostly based on low-poly 3D models. Until these days, I have contributed my content to various websites and college friends, who usually support every stage of my creative workflow.

Game design

I create visually stunning and games that captivate and engage people who want to discover gaming.

Web development

From simple blogs to complex web pages, I can also develop a page in HTML and CSS, with a little bit of Javascript.


I share my tutorials on Reddit to reach game developers and people who want to fix most common problems with Unity.

Game publisher

These days are very inspirational! I also have a plan to start developing and publishing my game projects to Google Play.

My recent projects

Bird Universe

Game Development

Astronia is in trouble! Help her get enough fuel for her rocket ship in order to get back to the planet Earth! Defend the alien dragon birds who are trying to attack the smart, young girl!

Coming soon →

Enemy Shooting in Unity

Unity Game Tutorials

Watch the most advanced tutorial, one of the most watched videos from the creator of Kozmobot.

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Contact me and provide details about your inquiry. I will get back to you soon.

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