About us

This website will make you see the complete story of our web design. First things first, you will learn about us! You can learn a lot of this website.
Meet Cosmo, your personal assistant

Who are we

We are a small company that makes games, design templates and various promo products. If you are interested in the product catalogue, click the button below:


Who is this website for?

This website is made for anyone who wants to make games and graphics on their own, and can possibly learn in the field of web design and development. Our site covers everything that you want to learn, so start making and be creative!

A Quick Story

Our website was made for the first time in 2017. Until 2019, there was a personal blog with weekly updates. The wordpress theme was Twenty Fifteen.

Now we started using Elementor and it is a lot better than other website builders. In 2018, the first ideas of making our website full of blocks was born.

This design makes it very useful and stunning. Our website will soon turn into a e-shop that will be for buying products and services.

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Join our YouTube channel or Pinterest and you will find out what does our site offer to you. Anyway, our goal is to make our channel promoted to hundreds of agencies and organisations. Just skim through and check out our social links!