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Design and develop like a pro! The Bot Production – Game Development website, also known as Kozmobot, is a website for games and more. You can find game development videos and any other kinds of content related to games. First of all, this robot is calling you to read a very interesting article about games and design.

To begin with, this website is about games. You can find some projects for game development. Sometimes, in my free time, I design game assets for future games.

I am Kozmobot, your personal assistant!

Bot Production – Game Development Website, also known as Kozmobot, is a fictional character who is the main leader of Kozmobot franchise. He is your personal assistant, even though he is neither a tablet nor a computer. Computer Robot is a cool assistant. He can make game developers’ lives easier. Also, he is prominent in this field since 2018. Games, and other kinds of development tools, tend to be available to people who like playing games. Though very uncommon, your personal assistant has not mentioned music production anywhere. Music is not, unfortunately, made by the website creator and it comes from Audio Library.

Game assets, characters and programming codes belong to one person. Music is from FreeSFX and there is a little demand on it.

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“Hopefully, I have changed my style a lot. I love to explore various kinds of design.”

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You can check out the social links from Bot Production. He can show you the projects that are made by one person. Your games can look stunning and staggering if you learn to design like the creator. Also, chess players have followed this content creator, just because of his unique content. Just click this button and you will see the projects!