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  • Lives Counter in Unity

    Lives Counter in Unity

    Tutorial for making a Lives Counter. Kozmobot Games has published a new tutorial on his YouTube channel. This tutorial is about a lives counter in Unity, based on displaying the number of hearts on the screen. The developer uses a switch function that defines what to do when the variable health, which is a static […]

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  • How to Respawn Player in Unity

    How to Respawn Player in Unity

    Tutorial for Player Respawn. Many people have had issues with player respawn in Unity. This tutorial will tell you how to fix it. Every problem has a solution. The video can fix one of the most recognized issues in Unity… First of all, you need to make a simple script that can power the player […]

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  • 3D Platformer in Unity – Player Jump

    3D Platformer in Unity – Player Jump

    3D Platformer Jump The easiest guide to make a 3D platformer jump script in C#, this video will help you understand the basics of Unity game development. This is the third part of the tutorial series; next part will focus on camera movement and moving with camera rotation. In this video, I will teach you […]

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  • Game Development Ins and Outs

    Game Development Ins and Outs

    Introduction to Making Games in Unity The Creator has been using Unity for five years and he has learned a lot, from basics to harder projects. Making games has never been easy. Even with struggling, the Creator hasn’t been having enough “Ins and Outs” when it comes to making a viable project and never give […]

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  • Inktober Flower Drawing

    Inktober Flower Drawing

    Flower Drawing for Inktober Challenge. The Creator has been busy with college, so he created this drawing during a boring class. So far, the Flower is the 21st Inktober Drawing. Most Inktober drawings have been missed, because there is not enough free time. Because the Creator has received a lot of positive feedback with this […]

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  • Inspirational Game Development Quotes

    Inspirational Game Development Quotes

    The Creator has to present you the most popular, inspirational quotes from game developers all over the world: Hardwork, dedication, and passion. If you want to earn your place in the gaming industry that is what it’s going to take. If you need more inspiration and motivation for what you want to accomplish as an […]

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  • Game Design #1 – TicTuc

    Game Design #1 – TicTuc

    The Updated TicTuc Game Design. This is the Major Update for Android. These pictures are a set of design assets. They are part of the next Tic Tuc update. The worst thing is that TicTuc Game Design is so poor. It looked more like a game for kids. This time, it is the major change. […]

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  • Endless Runner in Unity

    Endless Runner in Unity

    The endless experience. Made with Unity! There is a game with only one level. After so many days of testing, there is a video that will show you the gaming interface. People on Behance don’t necessarily upload content for game development, they just stick with illustrations and 3D design. I was struggling with my programming […]

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  • 80s style game

    80s style game

    This will be a different post, because it has 8-bit graphics. Therefore, the entire game is made like that! Retro Game Learn how to make a retro game with good 80s style! This means you can practice your skills by pixel art and making your game have a retro 80s gameplay. Come on everybody, this […]

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