Concept Art

Hyper-realistic assets for concept art and game development

This page is about ideas from concept artists. You can watch these videos on Instagram and YouTube. Concept Art belongs to the Channel.

Hello and welcome to Concept Art! Check out this video:

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What do concept artists need?

Apart from the sketches, the main point is in making a realistic image of a movie scene, not in making 3D models. Every sketch is not related to this topic, it is just a beginning phase. This one, approximately 50% done, is ready for the alpha phase…

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Hand Drawn Concepts

Moona the Wild Fox. Inspired by Moondara from Instagram.

Pencil Art, Ink drawings and any other form of art are considered Inktober. The first week prompt is an Inktober Wild Drawing. When it comes time to the word “Wild”, it can be any wild animal, any unusual creature or anything non-domestic, not conquered. This idea was created after coming up with a rare polar animal.

Inktober Wild Drawing is a video where you can see a short drawing process of a Polar Fox character, that will not be part of any game. This character, named Moona, will only appear in some short animated videos. Moona is a non-anatomic character because her snort is shorter than the real fox’s snort. She feels more like a wolf than like a fox. The Creator will consider this a fox because of the facial features and pointy ears.

There will be more drawings like this! Focus on the simple sketch instead of drawing the full concept arts!