This is a course for beginner graphic design. I can explain you the best tips and tricks in order to learn graphic design like a pro!

What is Graphic Design?

The most universal type of art, that is among decorating, identifying and explaining is, Graphic Design. It is some kind of word building that is hidden in everything we read.

People in the world engage with many graphic design solutions and essentials: in the streets, road signs, advertisements, magazines etc.

For example, a man who has a big job needs to work for a very big company. His graphic design and art skills perform a number of functions. Graphic Design distinguishes one company or organisation and it tells other employees how their business was registered.

Graphic design acts like our emotions and we can change them quickly. There is also an old joke amongst good graphic designers: ‘Bad design never killed anyone’, which means you can consider creating and turn your ideas in order to make your dreams true.

After all, graphic design is a source of expanding and increasing your social marketing, a place where all things can be met with transmitted art and vector illustrations, that will soon make pro templates and develop more success.



Learn Graphic Design

Here you can learn the basic elements of graphic design. It will be useful for those who need to get started.

3D Pictures

Simple Logos

Meet Cosmo, your personal assistant

Designer Shapes

Our company wants to get more audience.

It is very important to find some designer solutions. They cannot be realised for a short time, they need a lot of creative works. Read this article in order to learn what should you make for the design process.

Design Process

Every design starts an idea. It is very important to ask some of the questions before creating.

Graphic Design is a process of discovering concepts that will increase your creativity. It will make the client’s photo better and all products and services will get their promotions.

These things make design different. If you need to make a promotion, please create different web page templates. You should ask yourself:

– Which template is the best?

– Do I need to create direct mail services?

– What is the problem of the first solution?

– Which target audience will be on my web page?

Those are only a few questions. There are a lot more!

The modern design tends to be minimalistic.

That’s true! If you want to create your first project easily, the flat design is for you. The standpoint of this design is in making your illustrations easy and discovering the simplest way to make it. Read the article below to learn more!

Flat Design

Every design starts with minimalistic drawings. For example, an illustration that features an anthropomorphic bird and a tall human can be a good example.

This describes a fictional world, where people have custom shaped bodies and can be any kind of plant, animal or monster.

Flat design is a source of illustration that makes your design simpler to make. Cosmo the Robot is completely made with this design language. 

Learn the Basics

In exactly 10 minutes, you can learn all the tools in order to make illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. Everything is here, just play and learn!