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Design your Sound.

With Kozmobot, you can experience the world’s best sounds with gaming background music skills. It can be about a gaming soundtrack, sound effects etc. and you can make a game with amazing sound effects. Also, the videos will be about audio visualization and making cool sounds for your game project. Enroll now!

Audio visualizers and gaming music production videos!

This page is about gaming music production. You can listen to the latest tracks from Kozmobot. These samples are good for a game soundtrack!

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First of all, Gaming has never been possible without audio effects. You can listen to the most famous Kozmobot tracks and enjoy the cinematic audio quality. Your objective is to decide which music do you like. The music you like will be used in your game project.

Latest Video

Retro Background Music – It is a funky track that can evoke your emotions. When you came into the corridor, you realized that this robot is producing this track!

Click the video to watch.

Soundcloud Tracks

This is a list of Soundcloud tracks by Kozmobot. The latest one is a Hip-Hop beat. However, this doesn’t look like an 100% hip-hop.

The Soundcloud account has only 10 followers, but the sounds are growling with anger and they become remarkable. Soon there will be Kozmobot on Spotify, where you can stream your favorite music. The point is in making Kozmobot out of this world, having tremendous and attractive audio and graphic design.

Contact me if you want a gaming music soundtrack!