Nick R.

Game designer, programmer and artist.

Beautiful, amazing, impressive design… That’s what builds my career! Having multiple years of continuous design experience, I can say that my website is a true game changer to many designers and developers. I have been working on multiple game development projects for years, so this website has a good potential.

If you are interested, you can hire me as a designer for your project. As you can see, I always recommend you to look what is inside my social network accounts, where you can stay tuned and you can contact me anytime.

A Portfolio for future game developers.

This is a game design portfolio for future developers. Read it and you will learn more about me and my experience as an artist.

That’s me! My real name is Nikola. For personal reasons, I am not going to use my real name on the Internet. Currently, I am the creator of Kozmobot, which is a non-profit website that is created for my personal blog. Most of the times, I identify myself with the word “Creator”. The Creator wants to tell you a simple story and show you all the things he created so far…

The Creator

This is one of my typical works.

This is a video I made for an international organization:

Click the video to watch.

My Portfolio

The Creator of Kozmobot

I am a game designer, photographer and artist with 3 years of experience.

I have set the word “Creator” to be capitalized and that isn’t the mistake. It’s because I am a creator who wants to put some emphasis on the content that I am creating. Also, it is a pseudonym.

When it comes to game development and graphic design, I want to become an artist for the game industry because I like all the things related to character design. Sometimes I take photos of street art because photography is also one of my hobbies.

I will mostly focus on game development, make good characters, game assets etc.

I put all the things into Unity, which is a game engine. Sometimes I use it for video making, where I can animate my characters and do some kind of stuff like that.

Krita and Inkscape are the main programs I use to design some good game assets. For making 3D models, I use Blender, which is a software I have been using since 2019. After that, I have started my college in 2020 and I have multimedia design, where I can learn many new skills.

If your objective is to become a good project manager, you can engage me as a game designer.

You can hire a graphic designer like me. Right now, I am ready to create a very good game design for your project! Also, don’t forget to check out my links on the social networks!

I have experience with 3D modeling.

The 3D model you see here is the abstract curve model. I do a lot of experiments with 3D modeling, because that is what makes my work unique. I find it very interesting because I can add an additional dimension to my 2D works.

Good quality game art

Do you want more content? Go check the social links for more content. This is a small gallery of drawings from the Creator.

Inktober has made me feel comfortable and having more ideas. As a game designer and artist, I will easily get support from other people and they will recommend my portfolio with drawings to a big audience. Every drawing can look stunning and wonderful when it comes to Inktober.

Share this website with your friends and make them appear as a creative game dev team that will make better game design assets for Kozmobot. The point of this website is in engaging game developers and making a game with unreal, monstrous creatures. Kozmobot is the game changer!

Lastly, it is a game changer, because it will soon become a good team for game development!

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