Inktober Suit Drawing

The Suit is a term for fashion. It is an inanimate object, used to be worn for various purposes. Inktober Suit Drawing is here!

The process of drawing is on the third picture. You can call this a “masterpiece man”, who gathered around 50 likes on Instagram. This is the second Reel and TikTok. If you are interested, you can see more videos here.

Inktober Suit Drawing is available in only one variant. The blue suit is a royal variant and one of the rarest elements in the world. It was so expensive that only elites could afford it. The ink used in this drawing is easy to find, because it is a simple drawing ink, while the process of creating is hard. First of all, blue is rare in nature.

This is the second Inktober Drawing of 2021. The next drawing is a vessel-shaped ship and you can see it on the first link (it’s a blog post, but not a portfolio item):

If you want this design for your personal project, or a game, hire me as a graphic designer and artist! The website creator needs a team that will make the game dreams come true. Lastly, he likes the lineart style so much, flat design and even abstract pattern design and therefore, it will make the game background…

Make sure that the Creator’s profile, Kozmobot Channel, gets more attention and over 100 followers, where it is right now. Who do you think has a lot of portfolio items? You got it, it’s Kozmobot!

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