Robot music with vocoders and special effects. Robotic Style!

Check out the latest music technology. Robot Music is one of the most amazing trends of the 2020s. People add auto-tune and make good sounds.

Check out the most amazing robotic music!

Kozmobot Music is a channel that is still in development. As a small bedroom studio, Kozmobot makes good music but there are compromises when it comes to instruments. VST instruments and recorded samples are all swooshed into one “dope” track.

Discover the world of music beats on Kozmobot! Do you want to make your own tracks?

If people follow and support me because of photography and graphic design, music production will be a specific channel. Game development is not going to be on Kozmobot, although there are plans to make some games for graphic design or audio production.

A content creation package cannot be fulfilled by one person. Kozmobot is sometimes managed by a music producer who has a MIDI keyboard.

Royalty Free Music (Click the image to play!)

robot music

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Check out the Google Drive links to download the royalty-free tracks. Also, you can check out the social links!