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  • Happy Drawing Everybody!

    Happy Drawing Everybody!

    @kozmobot.channel Happy Drawing! Let Manikin draw like a pro! #letmedrawyou #manikin #manikinchallenge #happydrawing #artisttiktok #artistunknown #woodenman ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey A stop motion video with a manikin. This is a stop motion video with a manikin trying to create a happy drawing. Though it is a bit misleading, […]

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  • Inktober Stripes Drawing

    Inktober Stripes Drawing

    Stripes Drawing for Inktober Challenge. The third week is here! It is about an Inktober Stripes Drawing. When it comes time to the word “Stripes”, it is everything related to horizontal and vertical lines… The Creator wants to show you the way he creates drawings. This was a rapid drawing video with illusions. Since previous […]

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